Based in Dubai UAE, medical branch of SIBS is honored to introduce to the global market the autonomous indoor disinfection robot.

Our mobile robots are fully autonomous vehicles, safe for the human personnel in their working area. The 16 UV-C lamp system allows efficient disinfection of bacteria, germs, viruses and other harmful microorganisms. The combined solution with 16 radiation lamps ensures sterilization of surfaces in multiple rooms using the ultraviolet light (UVC rays, 220-280nm). The room scanning and map creating technology, connected with wireless control deliver a complex solution for sterilization, personnel safety and minimize the infection risk. Over 99% viruses and bacteria killed during 8-10 minutes disinfection time.


  • industrial spaces

  • production zones

  • logistic centers

  • storage centers

  • hospitals

  • offices



  • over 99% disinfection efficiency

  • personnel safety

  • wireless control in the working area

  • simple user interface

  • unlimited number of maps and disinfection areas

  • single charge working time up to 4 hrs

  • automatic charging

  • based on proven industrial solution

  • remote start-up and service